Political crap slinging continues. It’s so obnoxious. Yesterday I read a post that accused those who chose not to discuss politics as choosing inaction. Who thinks they are entitled to decide what a person is doing just because they refuse to talk politics? Judgmental douche canoes.

Why do I have to defend myself? Leave me alone. Everyday I am active: talking with and teaching my children, writing emails to my representatives and news orgs, involved with my kids’ schools, paying it forward, and living as a good human. I just don’t put it out there – “Everyone, see what *I’m* doing!” Nor do I assume anything about other humans until I’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Most of my life, I have been immersed in caring for sick people, for addicts, homeless, for children, pregnant children, people from every ethnicity and socioeconomic level. I’ve been punched, kicked, spit on, screamed at, harassed and sexually harassed in my efforts to help. I’ve been the subject of prejudice because of labels. Marc and I have been penniless, jobless. It’s easy to look at me and say – hey, she’s fair-skinned and middle class and privledged. I have many blessings, but I am not privledged. As a young nurse with fair skin and almond shaped eyes, I sported a popular Japanese surname on my ID badge in a ward full of WW2 vets. Prejudice comes in all shapes and sizes. 

If we continue with labels, we continue small thinking. And that upsets me for our children. They deserve better. This world is too small for race and prejudice. Heritage is beautiful, race is a thing of the past. Just tonight at the banquet, one of the theater boys mentioned several times that he had “come out” regarding his sexuality. And I couldn’t help thinking: I’m happy he feels free, but who cares? It just doesn’t matter. Not anymore. It doesn’t matter. And I so dream of a world where your sexual orientation, your skin color, your religion…it doesn’t matter. Only humanity matters. That world is right there in front of us…no big deal at all…just open your eyes and live it. It’s here.

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