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Botox was Monday. The last two weeks before Botox are usually hell. As the magic juice runs low in the muscles, migraines go up, up, up! Mix low Botox with bad weather, high allergies and mid cycle hormone fluctuations, and you’ve got a perfect storm. Add to this a hacking productive violent cough for two months and, lord have mercy, I was a sad pup.

I asked Neuro Mariah for a steroid pack to help break this bad cycle. She obliged with no qualms.

Day 2 and my head is much improved, my sacroiliac is low pain and even RA is cooperating. All low pain levels. My cough has gotten on board too. Combined with an inhaled steroid, it’s also improving. If only ‘roids didn’t make you an irritable freak who eats everything in sight! Oh, and turn hour bones to dust, etc.

But I’m happy for their magic and a brief reprieve. It makes me feel…a little… Normal? Is that what I’m feeling? Or am I just ramped up and hungry? I don’t know.

Steroid packs don’t help break bad cycles for every migraineur… Some do well with infusions of magnesium, torodol, benedryl, an antiemetic or IV steroid, or meds like the ergot DHE. I’ve done those too and they aren’t all that helpful in my case. But a Medrol pack…that’s my golden ticket❤

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