Living With Chronic Illness is Like Having a Low-Capacity Battery | The Mighty

Explained better than the Spoon Theory…

“[When you] see a chronically ill person attending a party, going out for a day or even having a weekend away, try not think to yourself, “They must be getting better/they can’t be that bad really/how come they can find the energy to do the things they really want to do?”
Instead, do the math. Your chronically ill friend will still be paying the price days, weeks or months afterwards— long after the party, event or holiday has faded from your memory.”

Daydreaming about a crowbar

It’s 14:30. I am not completely convinced I will get a handle on this one today #MyBeautifulMigraine
Daydreaming about a crowbar… swift powerful swing to the left temple… ta-da! The cure.
#ChronicMigraine #speakyourmigraine #MigraineAwareness #ChronicIllness
It’s not a headache, it’s a neurological disorder.