Toxic people

No apologies. Attacks but no apologies. But that’s okay. Distance from toxicity is okay. I apologized even tho I only followed my conscience. These people are toxic and dysfunctional. And it hurts. But I cannot be around toxic people who think these things. 

If you walked in my shoes for one day, you would fall on the first step.

Farewell. God bless.🌹

#ChronicThugLife Alternative Therapies Edition


Selena talks us thru the therapy. Ooof, cold! I was able to stay in just over 2 min and my body temp got down to 51°…they do not want it lower than 45°. The theory behind CRYO is shocking your body into freezing, then it will release healing and anti inflammatory properties as the blood recirculates.

Slightly afraid the severe cold will trigger a migraine.

Every single one…

Texas making MUMs Day with mom friends …MUMosa! 

I am so blessed with friends. Good, caring friends. They know about me and my freaky chronic crap (cough is so bad) and they don’t care. We have great fun with each other and with this special Texas tradition.

In the end, there are only moments.