Shades for Migraine 2021

Enjoying our lil family vacation in Pensacola post RONA pandemicon…

My Happy Place Vitamin SEA

ChronicMigraine takes no vacations. It is defined as 15 or more migraine episodes a month for at least 3 months.

Migraine has a myriad of neurological symptoms: throbbing, one-sided head pain that worsens with activity, light & sound sensitivity, nausea & vomited, confusion, vertigo and so much more.
I have a strong genetic predisposition for migraine and was an episodic migraineur from age 6-36. I have been Chronic from 36-present 49.
While there is no cure for Chronic Migraine, I will always work with medical professionals and various therapists to decrease my migraine activity. I owe so much to my WONDERFUL, supportive & loving family and friends. I wish I could be the friend, mother and wife they deserve. 💜❤🦋

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