#ChronicThugLife RFNA update

​”It never occurred to me that one day I’d wake up sick and never get better.”

You constantly look back on events: was this the moment? Was this where things went off track? Then you’re face to face with decisions you can no longer ignore, becuz you’re life has become so impacted by this uninvited stranger. Who am I? What’s the most important things in this life? Are there others like me? Do I accept this? Fight? Cry victim? Struggle struggle struggle…fight fight fight…try everything to reclaim the person you once took advantage of being. And there are tears. You thought you knew about tears before… And there is pain – physical and emotional. You thought you knew about pain before… And there is surviving, just moment to moment. Survive; keep breathing, just move forward. And smile. Becuz you can still smile. So do it. Just do it.



“Every year, my heart breaks all over again.”

9/11: Never Forget. The pain from these acts of evil still hurts so deeply but the LOVE is the most powerful force and will always remain. God bless our American heroes.