Abortive migraine medication


Migraine medications are classified as: *Preventative *Abortive and *Rescue

Preventatives are taken daily to prevent migraines: currently, I am on 2 (muscle relaxant class and cardiac class)

Abortives are taken at onset of migraine. Mostly these are triptan medications and NSAIDs.

Rescues are taken when abortives fail.

This handy Sumavel doespro comes in very handy when I’m dying with migraine and my oral triptan fails. But, it hurts like a glock shot in the a** and the noise and pain send my anxiety thru the roof – not helpful for migraine pain.

Today I tried the pictorial graphic to take my mind off the anxiety. Anything for research and education.👍

As soon as the gun goes off, and I recover with screaming from the pain, I can feel the med traveling thru my body. My core, my legs, my arms, and then up into my head. It feels *heavy*…it almost feels like it’s paralyzing. If I rest and let it work, it’s not as frightening.

Pretty tough stuff.


Dealing with another *thing*.
I’m confused.
And I’m facing going back to work.
It’s of course, the perfect job for me. Substitute school nurse for my kids’ school district (1 HS, 2 MS, and a bizzilon elementary schools. Lol)
This would be so easy if I didn’t love being a nurse… Or if disability were coming thru a little faster… Or if I wasn’t on immunosupressing meds… Or if I didn’t have a large family I love and feel responsibility taking “perfect” care of… Or if I didn’t struggle with daily chronic pain… Or if my loving husband didn’t give me MIXED messages… Or if I wasn’t a confused and screwed up feminist who instead of feeling empowered to do WHAT I want feels GUILTED into doing EVERYTHING.
I’m trying NOT to think. I’m trying to just take one day at a time.
Why am I even talking about it? Like, will I take anyone’s advice over the SCREAMING GUILT tapes in my messed up head???
I’m so depressed and hurting emotionally.