Recipe for Chronic Migraine

Chronic Migraine:
Take a normal life, marinade in incredible pain, turn it inside out, flatten
with mallet, chop into pieces, then freeze.
Garnish with guilt, shame, depression, feelings of uselessness & anxiety.
Serve with generous amount of horrible neurological symptoms, social
stigma & misinformation.

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When your heart breaks over and over again.

It’s the car crash you never saw coming. The train derailment. The robbery.
And your heart breaks over and over again as you try the new thing that may be the IT that restores your life. The life you were living… where you were human, contributed to civilization, society, and your family. Can you even remember what that life felt like? Remember, you could speak in full sentences and take a shower without having to rest…
Your friends and armor: Faith and Hope… are they still at your side? Today is a cacophony of tears. It’s too many days stuck in bed. Pain flaring, exhaustion overwhelming. I don’t have the energy to shower or wash my hair. Our weather sucks (rain) and allergies are soaring… I am an abundance of uselessness.

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #SpeakYourMigraine

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Talking about Migraine

100% I realize people mean no harm at all… it is in fact, very thoughtful to bring up migraine in conversation.


“I wish I could stay at home every day like you” I’m trapped here and every single day I grieve the life I used to have.

“Yesterday I had a headache too” I am SO sorry as I don’t think ANYone should ever have to endure head pain, but migraines and headache aren’t the same thing. When you compare them, it actually feels like you’re dismissing the neurologic disorder.

“You look fine to me, it can’t be that bad” I don’t want to look sick… if I walked around looking how I feel, I would look like a decaying zombie dragging myself on the ground.

“Migraine? How’d you get that again?” This one I like… because it’s a genuine question and it shows interest. Answer: I got migraine from doing an inverted yoga pose for 2 weeks.😂 TRUE simple answer: genetics.

#ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness

“She seems like she’s the life of the party,”

… someone said about me recently. “And she has a lot of piercings.”

There are FOUR (4) magical days a year; BOTOX for Chronic Migraine days 🎁💉
☆40+ injections forehead, occipital, neck, shoulder, temples, jaw every 12 weeks x 7+ years (botox therapy helps decrease migraine intensity and length, makes migraines more responsive to abortives)
☆Personal statistics: average of 18 migraine events per month that last average of 1-3 days each. 0-1 days per month without migraine symptoms
☆”That will be $2179.02 today.”💸 Here ya go!💸😵
☆”She has a rather lot of piercings”🧐 Why yes, yes she does🤔 # years CHRONIC

ChronicMigraine #MigraineAwareness #BotoxforChronicMigraine