#ChronicMigraine KILLS

​Lab tech and I were talking today. When I told her I have Chronic Migraine, she sad sadly, “I lost a friend to Chronic Migraine…Doctors wouldn’t believe her and the pain was too much. She took her life at age 17.”

We are not seeking meds, we are seeking relief and a cure.

#ChronicMigraine KILLS




Living with Chronic Migraine

Recently, I was accused of being “privileged” becuz of the color of my skin. I don’t feel all that provledged. I can’t clean my house, volunteer at my kids’ schools, work as an RN or take my dogs for a walk on a sunny day.

Is this privledged? 

I am grateful. Grateful for my health – it could be much worse. Grateful for my wonderful husband, my rock and my beautiful, creative and inspiring children. I am grateful my husband works so hard to support us – that we can live in a comfortable home. We don’t get everything we want, but we do get everything we need. And we have each other, which makes us blessed beyond words.


I cannot describe the feelings I had when I discovered I was not alone. There is a community of chronic freaks out there, just trying to pretend to be Normal.

You’re not alone. There are people who understand. People to connect with.