My morning Facebook post:

Wicked bad migraine this morning. I was lucky my new specialist appt wasn’t until 10:20 so I could get some control over it. My back spasmed again. That’s 3 days in a row – a debilitating sudden spasm from out of the blue. Special.

Esther Cheung Phillips remembered Marc when I reminded her. She was so great. She is one of the kindest docs I know. Plan in place that I’m happy about for this chronic cough. Nasal laryngoscopy done – oh what fun! Positive attitude 👍👍👍 Of course I cried a little with her. A year and a half of Cough Hell has made me emotionally fragile.

Kids off on spring break. I hope to do something with them. And not be a complete #LoserMom. My friend took her family to San Antonio for the day Sunday and the kids to Marble Falls famous pie house for 3/14 pi day. Wow. In our case, Corey and Nick are working on their laundry and I’ve got beef in the crockpot for dinner. Marc works everyday (even the weekends) as his project deadline is fast approaching.

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