But too sick to die.

Robyn clogged her toilet last night.it was raining dirty water in the kitchen. Bucketfuls. Emergency leak company came at 1:30am. It will take three days to complete disaster project. Marc and I leave Tues.

When the guys were working working, I was in my bathroom having diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously.

I cannot explain how much my head is hurting. We have the tornado warnings now. I’ve taken my last phenergen. Once the vomiting starts, it’s hard to get my head under control. I almost never get to vomiting. RA and SIJD are joining in for the fun.

The biggest leak disaster I’ve ever seen…

The upstairs crew:

The disaster relief came at 01:30 and worked at least an hour. This morning I found this …And this is how the next three days will be…

Seriously questioning leaving the children for our trip to France.

I wrote this to Robyn this morning:

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