Doc appt yesterday. *shock* GYN follow up on hormone levels. Hot flashes are better but they had to mean something, right? Whatever. I wasn’t concerned. GYN is only a small piece in my medical grand enigma.

GYN came in and told me the lab results surprised her. Apparently, I AM in menapause at age 44. So weird. She’s prescribing low doses of estrogen and progesterone for short term HRT. Maybe they’ll make me skinny and pain-free? Ya never know.

Bad day with fluctuating weather. My gut is still sad and tantruming for unclear reasons.

Look. A waiting room @ doc’s office. Huzzah.

Waiting for doc in exam room. I love getting to rest on the table.

My face when I found out it’s menapause…

I feel a mix of emotions:

Good: maybe this will improve my migraines.

Sad: I thought this was something my daughter and I could share at least a few years longer.

Bad: I feel OLD now. Truly a “ma’am.”

Good: once again, I’ve been able to self diagnose accurately and this affirms me and my relevance.

Good: perhaps the HRT will help me feel better overall.

Bad: this means I’m REALLY OLD x2.
Slept great. But had to get up once for GI. Full blown panic attack started. Had to lay down on the cold tile floor while it passed. I don’t think I am a *well* person 85% of my life.

Last night I was sleeping great. Woke up to deal with my gut. Before going back to sleep, had a full blown panic attack with nausea, diaphoresis, tunnel vision. Has to lay on the bathroom floor – the cool tile – until it passed.

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