My fucking head fucking hurts. It’s not a killer migraine…it’s only a 6. So I’m trying to conserve meds. I feel up to staying here on my bed with ice. Zero energy. Pain.

My kids are out of school. The older ones are out but I wish I was doing something with my 13 and 15 year old. What a looser mother they have. When they’re in school, they can see normal people and don’t have to witness this shit.

What am I feeling??? Sorry for myself? Am I acting the victim? Should I just try harder? Wtf? Give it to me straight. I feel like I bring so much awareness to Chronic Migraine that people in my life are afraid to do anything but handle me with kid gloves.

Pity party out.

My day:

I had one doc appt this AM with Megan.

She told me about a Chinese essential oil that helps with topical pain:

I used it on my temples while I was there, because the weather is like this…and my head is pissed. Of course.

After Megan, I picked up a few things at Trader Joe’s and came home.

And now. Lying on top of my covers. Lethargic and hurting. Puttering… wandering… some laundry… organizing a kitchen cabinet… changing my ice packs.

This is so stupid. And sad.

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