Starting to lose my shit. It’s low level migraine pain – like 6 – but too many days. Too many. I’m feeling like I just need to grow roots in this bed and check out.


Hi Donna…I used to be on long-acting morphine + another med for breakthrough migraines for over 18 years…on those meds I still always had a #5 migraine but a level #5 is better than the #10’s I was getting before the above meds! So I understand. 
When I first started getting migraines (age 18) they were episodic & after a few years they turned into SEVERE daily migraines. I’m just wondering if those of you who are just starting to get them everyday are fairly new to this migraine rollercoaster!! 🤕💜😵

Hi Sheri!

Not new for me. I actually think I’m running on a 5 cuz my Botox is working. I was telling Aimee earlier that my jaw is RELAXED…a sure sign Botox is in the house.
I had my first migraine at age 6. Significant family history, no physical trauma to my head. I was episodic from age 6 to about 35. I had 4 pregnancies where I was nearly migraine-free (because of the stable hormones from trimester 2 on). As I entered perimenapause, my migraines became much more frequent. I did not understand what chronic migraines meant. All I knew was I was the only one in the world who was needing ibuprofen everyday. So there were years of denial and disbelief and isolation.

I failed oral med trial one after the other. I failed diet changes. I identified my triggers: hormones, weather, stress, etc. I finally went into Botox regimen in 2010/11 and it has been THE BEST preventative I’ve ever been on. It makes my migraines more respondent to meds, it shortens them to no longer than 72 hours and it keeps my pain levels lower (I RARELY see level #9#10). I still clock in at about 18 migraines a month and can’t remember a time where I had a full 24 hours without some head pain.

I’ve added other comorbids: rheumatoid arthritis, sacroiliac dysfunction, and of course my good companions D&A (which actually came before I went chronic).
So…this is not new for *me.* I’m a Chronic Migraine Jedi. The Force is with me, I am ONE with the Force.

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