Darn it, migraines love Fridays. Stress letdown. Now that I’m on Aimovig I don’t want anymore migraines. Lol. But wishing this one away isn’t really working.

So anxious today. Appt with my pain doc where I have to explain all the work I’m navigating to rebuild my pelvis. With my current team of Jukes/Le, I’m looking at surgery in August. Cystocele grade 2, uterine prolapse grade 3, rectocele grade 3 and a whole lot of gross plus indescribable lavator pain. Absolutely ridiculous.

I was anxious to see Anthony (pain doc), I was anxious about the 2 hour drive, and I’m anxious about our friends (family of 4) tomorrow for a week.

When I got home, I dropped into bed and my head exploded.

Always Friday Migraines. Party on.

Happy Chronic Migraine Awareness Day!❤💜❤

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