Watch “Emgality! New CGRP Migraine Prevention Injection” on YouTube

Month 2 of CGRP Emgality Migraine Prevention Injection.

I will be able to give Emgality 3 months total trial before I’ll make an evaluation on its effectiveness. At that time, my insurance will go buggy and require I decide between the CGRP or Botox. Which is unthinkable. I wonder… do they make a cancer patient decide between radiation and chemo?🤔

The first month of Emgality has been less than impressive. No change at all in my migraine status, but no side effects either.

Good News: Opioid Prescribing Fell. The Bad? Pain Patients Suffer, Doctors Say. – The New York Times

1) Medications are not good or bad; they are tools.
2) Dependance and addiction are not the same thing. And not all people are addicts or even potential addicts.
3) Human beings are suffering, not being saved by legislation that interferes in the private relationship between doctor and patient.

The newest viral “cure.”

People. 🙄

Yes, this is an acupressure point and I’ve known about it for 2 decades. Yes, I’ve even tried it by holding pressure there, as well as having acupuncture needles. Maybe it works for some, but it’s rubbish for me.

If only a bag clippy could heal me. The amount of money, time, life that has been taken from me …a bag clippy will not fix.