I woke up today and it was May 15; it was the Next Day. May 14 and the longest awaited hearing had come and gone and today was the next day and the earth was still spinning. Amazing.

Recovering from yesterday, I got myself out for my EMDR appt! Yay, me!

The Zombie Machine was acting slightly weird as I started up the SH71 hill from Sweetwater. Hmm, I told Marc the dash lights were on a few days ago: the battery and little orange wrench light. Shot husband a reminder text. My love Odyssey is almost 10 years old and I’ve been sensing we may need to replace this old girl. Small things have been going wrong. And that’s very un-Odyssey-like.

EMDR appt was cathartic. I went through my feelings about yesterday’s hearing. It was emotional, to say the least. We also discussed plans for the future; I only have one more session with Shanna before she moves away.

On the way home… the Odyssey was even crazier; something majorly wrong with acceleration. I called Marc, slightly terrified the car might have a serious problem. Would I make it home? I still had a 30 minute drive. He promised he’d take the car in tomorrow or Friday and wished me luck.

Too many traffic lights. Too much stopping and starting. All the lights flashed on the dash …

and the minivan ker-chunked and spazzed into complete electrical failure. Right before the historical 360 Austin Bridge on 360S. I tried to steer into the shoulder but couldn’t make it. No power. No power steering, no power brakes, no hazards, door locks, windows, unable to shift gears. Dead. As a door nail.

I was shaking and starting to freak. Traffic and cars beeping. I tried to work my phone but I was a mess. Nice stranger lady came up beside me and offered to push me to the shoulder if I shifted into neutral. But the car wouldn’t budge the gear shift. I thanked her profusely. Finally got through to Marc. He’d come right away. Called 911; I needed a cop with flashing lights or a flare before I caused an accident.

The wonderful cop came for me! He taught me how to rig the gear shift without power!! And I coasted to the shoulder. My hero!

Waited for Marc and the officer stayed with me. I was holding it together with frazzled and frayed nerve endings. The officer and I made awkward conversation. He was so kind… so kind to help this old crone with the embarrassing beat up old crone car.

Marc arrived, apologized a thousand times, tucked me in the Fit carefully and sent me home while he stayed and arranged the tow for the van.

The stress letdown began it’s deluge… immediately, from the top of my head down. Migraine Nation commence. RA flare ignition. Ta-da. My nervous system on rails, my muscular system like thunder & lighting, plus I couldn’t calm my breathing, I was crying and my legs were jello. Good bye to the rest of my day, hello pain/meds/bed/heater/ice/meditation. I hate that stressful events can completely unravel me. Marc was a peach.

Thinking about replacing cars… I believe we may be done with minivan time 😱 Almost 20 years of carseats, little peeps to tote around town as they vomited, Costco and grocery and Target runs, and a thousand diaper changes. 🤔

I can just take the Fit to my multitude of doc appts and little errands. We could do fine with a Honda CRV for traveling with only 2-3 young adults, college runs and trips with a tiny grated towing trailer. This is monumental. The end of an Era. Maybe in a few years, the Fit can be replaced with a black Dodge Charger for moi?😁 Dreams can come true!🤷‍♀️

This is a great read on RA…


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