Frozen Peas

When I was an episodic migraineur (ages 6-34), I would get a bender of a migraine once every 1 to 3 months. My triggers were the same as they are now that I’m chronic: weather fluctuations, stress letdown, and hormones.

At the start of these events, I’d take my fioricet compound and lay in bed. The migraines would usually last a day.

I remember sometimes I would be at such a high pain level, I’d need a bit more… I’d reach for a package of frozen peas or green beans from the freezer, slap it on my head and oh, it would HELP!

Oh how my bag of frozen peas has changed these last 10 years!

This is my top freezer drawer. I have over 10 reusable ice packs for my head and jaw that can be strapped on with velcro. I have the Headache Hat Go, the Migraine Hat, Ice Booties, gel masks, and ice blankets.

Some days I actually don’t have enough ice products. I’ve also reached a point where I have trouble sleeping without ice strapped to my head even if I don’t have a migraine. The cold, the pressure, the familiar… I’m addicted to ice.

Baby, you’ve come a long way… from a bag of frozen peas!