Happy Birthday!

Most birthdays just melt right into the next… but I was hoping 50 would stand out. Lol. That’s for sure! Here’s the story:

We’ve been a little sick for a week: runny nose, cough, scratchy throat. Covid home test neg! Fever started yesterday. I thought Marc was silly for testing AGAIN this evening.

So THIS was a SURPRIS-O for sure!

So we decided to head to the ER for some treatment… both of us in our 50’s and me with my chronic conditions and compromised immunity…

Off to the ER for COVID19 treatment! In my silky PJs and felt clogs…

No wait at the ER and nice staff. They swabbed us again, took brief histories and agreed to prescribe Tessalon Perles and Paxlovid! Hooray! Now to find a 24 hour pharma WITH some Paxlovid stock! (Joe only purchased 20 million doses for the country!)

The ER staff informed us that the Walgreens at William Cannon had stock yesterday… so we called to check while driving there and – YES! They had stock!

Strange things afoot the Walgreens at William Cannon Saturday at midnight

Script filled in 30 min and we were on our way home to start our antiviral!

The couple that COVIDs together…❤

Our symptoms are pretty mild, compared to some influenzas I’ve had in the past. Sense of smell and taste intact. Guess it was only a matter of time before we got the Rona. Maybe our vaccines and booster is helping but I can’t WAIT for the next Gen of vaccines, personally. Although we’ll have Natch Immunities now which will be awesome! We’re taking zinc, vit D and baby Aspirin, besides Loratidine, NSAIDS, and nose sprays.

Most birthdays just melt into the next! This one will be memorable!

Marc had our yard carded for me! These were taken before we were covid pos!🤣

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