Photo Collage Maker_E6qY3x

I am wearing Axon Optics in this picture.

They’re my migraine glasses that claim to help suppress migraine and photophobia. Photophobia is one of my most consistent migraine symptoms and I even experience it without migraine pain. I have photophobia ~90% of the time. The glasses are a really great migraine tool for me and particularly helpful indoors, with computer screens, fluorescent lighting and outdoor low sun days.

About not being okay… There is so much pretending with Chronic Migraine. I’m such a phoney. Who wants to really hear how I feel when all I feel is awful? Boring and stupid. I don’t remember Normal. What was it like? Did I take it for granted? Did I use it to its full potential?

But now in #ChronicThugLife, I have to pretend…my family needs me. I don’t want to be a burden to them, I want to be their wife and mother. I don’t want them to remember me sick. šŸ˜¦


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