Pathologic Lethargy.
It is definitely a thing. So tired and achy… Can only sleep… Moving in a lead and cement body with a foggy half brain.

Postdrome: Today I’m experiencing Postdrome as I was taken down by a stress induced migraine last evening. Like a knife in the left eye and the whole top of my noggin. Grateful to my darling husband and children for taking care of each other after I thew a dinner together. Woot. Yesterday evening required a full “migraine cocktail” which is four medications – one an injection – and a mini coma to sleep the Event away.

“Postdrome is often referred to as ‘the migraine hangover,’ the official term for that wrung out, exhausted, headachy feeling migraineurs experience after the most painful and intense phase of their migraine attack has passed. Calling this stage, the fourth in a migraine attack, a ‘migraine hangover’ strikes a chord the clinical definition does not.”


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