Chronic cough.
Shall I add that to the #ChronicThugLife list?
Hacking, productive, violent daytime coughing for the past 5 months. Thought it was allergies. Have been on antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, cough meds, allergy meds. It doesn’t change. Two chest x-rays are clear.
Back to see my PCP today. She is kind, thorough and smart.
Rx: antibiotics, Medrol pack, another chest x-ray, cough med and … A Pulmonogist.
Another specialist.
She asked if I’d ever seen one before. No, I haven’t.
I have neuro, endocrine, rheumy, GYN, pain specialist, ortho, derm, psych NP, LLC.
Now… pulmonary.

I have no words. Just many conflicting emotions. My, that is a beautiful Texas Laurel tree.
Love to the Warriors. Apply lipstick. Attack Life.


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