My ongoing struggle…
*Sense of loss of identity and purpose and worth
*Inability to contribute financially for our large family

I’m trying a new kind of “job”… almost completely online… marketing this beautiful, high end cosmetic almost entirely thru social media/website. It’s no RN position 😦 but truthfully, I don’t think I could even perform RN phone triage with any stability with the way my #ChronicThugLife is now.
This ” job” is different…another passion of mine: cosmetics❤ One of my most important creeds is: “It is better to look good than feel good.” Lol.
I even have my OWN domain (very proud!)

I do love cosmetics and as a makeup geek, I’ve tried them all. Younique (Direct Sales) has blown the other brands away for me – so it’s a passion of something I can believe wholeheartedly in❤ Kinda kismet, huh?

There’s no real money in this “job,” unfortunately… Maybe only ~$200 a month?? I don’t have the ability to physically make Younique a successful career like a “Black Y Sister” status. I’m just too damn sick and unreliable health-wise.
Soooo… I’m in bed today…just given myself a Sumavel shot for massive migraine (8/10) but I’m “working” on my phone…running a “virtual” party on Facebook and creating sales graphics.



So very glamorous, eh??

Yesterday, I was able to RALLY for an hour (thanks to meds controlling RA, SI flare and migraine) and create a videos for my “job.” I edited in bed and I’m rather proud of the results!

YouTube: Younique BonBons

YouTube: Younique Moodstruck Fiber Lash+ EASY TUTORIAL

I also have a Younique VIP Customer Page! Yay, me!!


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