​A Half Life.

A Life of Moments.

Don’t think too much.

Stop blaming yourself.

Stop feeling Guilty.

You didn’t cause this – you don’t have that power.

Stop feeling like a Burden.

Stop feeling like a Freak.
But I cannot stop thinking or feeling.

It is all I have…in this Half Life of Moments.
I have my Guilt, I have my Shame…

And it is a Mighty Feast for one.
And my family…my greatest blessing…

My reason for living, for moving, for continuing to Breathe.

I am told they would not be better off without me. I am told that. I am asked, “Can’t you see that?”

And I’m afraid I cannot.
They deserve Freedom from the great weight that holds them down, requires their care.

They deserve so much more.
They deserve a Whole Life.

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