Have been thinking a lot. Maybe obsessing. Not ready to write my feelings down yet. Not sure what they are.

My head has been meh – not too bad, not pain-free but not demanding all my attention. My back has been bothering me – not too bad, definitely hurting but not demanding all my attention. I’m fat and flabby and tired. And it’s really hot and disgusting. 

Trying to rest and recover from week-long houseguests (absolutely overwhelming and waaay outside my abilities), a head injury on Friday, my friend with breast cancer (and the millions of conflicting/confusing emotions and thoughts with that)…then there’s my illnesses…and adjusting to whatever life I’m supposed to be living. And my biz, which I love and suck at.

I’m confused. I’m overwhelmed. I’m disappointed in myself. I’m in chaos. And alone. I’m breathing but I can’t catch my breath and the air is stale and close. Blah blah blah blah. Snore.

Getting lost in smokey eye sounds therapeutic. 

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