Marc came to meet my Rheumatologist Tina Bunch today. I’ve been her patient 3 years and he finally got to meet her.

I asked her if I could get better control of my RA; just exactly how much pain and symptoms am I supposed to live with? She said my joints aren’t as bad as someone they’d start on a biologic but she “didn’t live in my body” and trusted my complaints. She recommend starting Humera injections every other week. And of course staying on the Methotrexate. The plan is to try it four months, if it helps me feel better, that’s awesome. If not, I’ll go off it. I had a crap ton of blood drawn including TB work up as a precaution with a biologic.

Marc had questions; it was nice that he came and finally met her. He liked her, just like I do.

On my way home, I could feel a migraine brewing. Ugh, and I want to stay away from triptan for a couple days; I’ve had to take so many.

Home. Check on the kids. Going to nap with ice on front and back of my head (ONB injection sites are sore from Serapin yesterday). Took Frova and indomethacin and will nap a couple hours. This week has been so busy. And I’m in rough shape. I need rest today. But I hope I can still get some things done. Laundry? Phone calls? Erika’s Caring Bridge? Some biz?


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