One thing is for darn sure: I have medical care. I see my specialist team more than 3x month. 

Still defending myself from a cruel comment meant to harm. Hypocrites are most amazing creatures. They don’t even know they’re hypocrites… They just keep breathing and moving and attempting to mame anyone in their path.

There will never be an apology. And that’s ok. Cuz she could never mean it; she is incapable of seeing the ugly inside. A heart that yearns to be full of love…keeps trying. But only succeeds in covering up the ugly. Just cover it up. There’s even a plastic surgery for that.


For so long I tried to only see the sincere attempts to be “good.”🦂 No, I’m not crazy. I just have open eyes. And I’m done being gentle.

I won’t defend myself. Becuz I know. Even when I don’t want to know… I know. I have eyes that see and ears that hear and a heart that listens and a heart that truly loves.

A sad mystery for some; as if they can only see thru cloudy glass. Monsters.

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