December 2. A Friday.

We have a holiday party tonight at our house – the 4th annual Sweetwater progressive Christmas party. Everyone will be here at 7 for 1.5 hour party, then continue to the Zieman’s.

The weather. It’s been nice lately but not today – rain in the forecast.

The prep. I’m pretty prepared. The host home only provides drinks but I will have a few appetizers as well. I need to work all day today prepping for the party event. This is a bad start. But I’m hoping I can get on top of the migraine and do my thing.

Hours go by and I’m productive… Blinds dusted, meatballs started, furniture and mess tidied or hidden, surfaces cleaned, the wood floors steamed, appliances polished, laundry folded…all to the Les Miserables soundtrack and my bellowing singing.

It’s 3:30. The Shipt groceries have arrived. I’m showered, half dressed, no makeup or hair yet. But I must remedicate and rest. I must. My head is a low level migraine and my back – oh how it pains me. I must rest on the heater which is amazing for my back.

At 4:20 Robyn comes home. She helps take out garbage. The rain is happening (light showers) so no wonder my head is hurting. But the maxalt is helping. My cough is back. Crap, crap.

It’s 5:20 and Marc and Nick get home. They help. Marc is on fire. After closing his eyes for a 5 min nap, he’s on the go go go!

I gotta start my makeup and hair. It’s gotta be perfect.

It’s 6:10 and I’m ready (yay!) and will start last minute appetizers (fruit and cheese, veggies and guacamole). I still have to assemble the Jingle Juice (lol).

Marc gets me a glass of prosecco so I can relax before the party…

He’s starting to have fun! And so am I.

I have done nothing else but final party prep today. Tuesday was getting the tree out, Wednesday was decorating and errands, Thursday was decorating and medical appts (medical massage and therapy) and today was just *this*. It is all I am able to muster.

But I’ve got to put on the Normal show and I WILL enjoy myself. Shear WILL.

I love my boots, boot socks, short skirt and CAbi top.

It’s 6:25 and the doorbell rings. Freaking neighbors Dawn and Tom are here as I’m still getting appetizers ready. “Wow, you’re early!” we say. “Oh good! We thought we were late.” (It’s obvious they don’t realize the party starts at 7). Marc gets them drinks and they offer to help me as I’m getting the apothecary jar prepped and appetizers skewered. I assure them I’ve got it. It’s awkward. But we just keep chatting. After I’m set at 6:56, I go to my bedroom to reapply lips and text Christy: “get here as soon as you can, the R*** showed up half hour early!” Lol. Christy is trying.

Bob and Chrissy come to the front door (I can hear them – Marc is taking care of it). “Are we the first ones?” they ask. And then it’s revealed that Tom and Dawn have made the mistake. Sigh.

I go out. Greet my guests. Smile, thank everyone, guests arriving faster. Hugs, kisses, conversations. It’s getting warm. Open doors and windows. Laughter. I love my house lit up in party. Everyone looks beautiful. So good to entertain. Our kids visit occasionally – they’re upstairs on their computers, bless them. This is an adult’s only party. Marc and I mingle. We are good at this. I catch his eye every once in awhile. We meet up. We laugh and tell a story. It’s great. House full of merry. But I have no pocket for my lipstick or phone so there’s that. Always makes me uncomfortable. (Lol)

The party is going great. And soon it’s time to announce the progression to the Zieman’s. Bret gives me a hug and asks for 10 minutes.👍

After about 10 minutes, I get out my bullhorn to announce the progression. It truly is a riot. Everyone is amazed and highly entertained by my bullhorn. Lol. Marc always says my voice “is too melodious and doesn’t carry,” so by bullhorn I can communicate with the kids in their upstairs rooms.

It’s about 8:45 and everyone is leaving for the Zieman’s. Perfect. Marc and I and Corey start cleaning up a little. We take the McFarlands on a house tour. This is their first time here since we all transferred together from Tucson.

Then we leave our now quiet house for the Zieman’s. I can really feel my energy running out… really. It’s a quick walk to their house (which is always beautifully kept and SPECTACULAR! No kids! Lol). We party there and mingle. I sit down on a barstool. Crap, I’m achy and tired and sore. We make it to 9:30 (the Zieman’s party part is supposed to be 8:30-10). We walk the McFarlands back to our house and their car and say goodnight.

It’s been great fun! Finally home and inside our quiet space, Marc and I extinguish candles and tidy up.

I’m so so beat.

I’m in bed by 10:15, makeup off, daily meds taken, ice booties on, ice crown and heater on my back.


It’s now Saturday@ 5:30 when I’m writing this. I have been in bed absolutely all day. And here I will remain until tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s plans include getting together with friends to decorate wild Christmas trees. So not only is today recovery from last night…it’s also prepping for tomorrow’s activities.

What a Life. Time for new ice, something to drink and repositioning.

Love to all.

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