The weather is crap again. I feel like my jaw could use some Serapin…my ear is starting to bother me and that’s usually the indicator. Despite the weather, my head was decent. 

Until the ONB/TPI. Then I started to slip downhill. Cedar is out and mold. And my cough is stupid annoying. 

After injections I gritted my teeth and drove to Costco. Braved the holiday traffic. We were in such need of Costco restocking. I spent almost $400 and the cart was ridiculous overflowing.

I really really hate #MyLifeAtCostco and I’m sure it’s just about the worst job of mommy’ing. I really was unprepared for the marathon manual labor that mommy’ing would mean. I load the car. Drive carefully…think about the tragedy at Sweetwater last week when the dump truck trapped, crushed and killed an AT&T cable guy. Horrifying.

After Costco, it’s a quick drop off eBay at the post. Everything everywhere is congested with holiday traffic and craziness. At least some people make it fun. I loved learning to enjoy strangers while living in AZ. Make friends. Enjoy life. Scatter joy and smiles.😃

Unfortunately, Ken is still sleeping when I get home so I unload the car without help. Sux. Later he apologizes sweetly. Jerk.

Now I can rest. Crazy busy active life.


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