Good morning, Thursday 12/29. My heart and mind are reeling from death of both Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds. One of the celebrity deaths that is impacting my life. That mother/daughter relationship was the first one to open my eyes to issues. Debbie could not live in a world without her Carrie.

I woke with backache and migraine. The weather is cooler but crap. Systems moving thru. My head doth protest.

I got to my medical massage with Lisa. Holy OUCH she needed to work my hamstrings and shoulder hard. I’m a mess. Idk what I’d do without massage monthly for 90 min. It is so painful but really helps open up my muscles. Lisa is the first medical professional to tell me she can verify and *see* the kind of pain I am in becuz of the state of my body. It is validating, however painful.

Back home now. I’m on the heating pad for my si and ice ony head for my migraine.

All done. Pathetic. My day all done.

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