Inject the head

The weather is crap again. I feel like my jaw could use some Serapin…my ear is starting to bother me and that’s usually the indicator. Despite the weather, my head was decent. 

Until the ONB/TPI. Then I started to slip downhill. Cedar is out and mold. And my cough is stupid annoying. 

After injections I gritted my teeth and drove to Costco. Braved the holiday traffic. We were in such need of Costco restocking. I spent almost $400 and the cart was ridiculous overflowing.

I really really hate #MyLifeAtCostco and I’m sure it’s just about the worst job of mommy’ing. I really was unprepared for the marathon manual labor that mommy’ing would mean. I load the car. Drive carefully…think about the tragedy at Sweetwater last week when the dump truck trapped, crushed and killed an AT&T cable guy. Horrifying.

After Costco, it’s a quick drop off eBay at the post. Everything everywhere is congested with holiday traffic and craziness. At least some people make it fun. I loved learning to enjoy strangers while living in AZ. Make friends. Enjoy life. Scatter joy and smiles.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Unfortunately, Ken is still sleeping when I get home so I unload the car without help. Sux. Later he apologizes sweetly. Jerk.

Now I can rest. Crazy busy active life.


The Chronic Migraine

โ€‹There is this phenomenon, this neurological disorder called Chronic Migraines. A huge percent of the world population experiences episodic migraines, only about 1-2% of these people become chronic. It’s an unlucky card to draw. They don’t really understand or even research WHY this happens.

Chronic is considered 15 or more migraines a month for at least three months. 

My mother had migraines too. And they improved tremendously when she went thru menopause. Unfortunately, the scientific data does not show the same trend once you become a chronic migraineur. Usually there is little to no change once you hit menopause. 

I was diagnosed with chronic migraines in 2007/8 when I lived in Arizona (one of the most stable weather places in the world). I’ve had little to no change since moving to Texas. Although I am careful – very careful – to treat my environmental allergies every day so they don’t exacerbate my migraines. 

I did not fully comprehend the life sentence of “chronic” for very many years. It’s a shitty card to draw. And I believe we should be living in a world where not one person has a single migraine ever.


Christmas is come!

Today is CHRISTMAS! Update from her husband:

  1. Small lump palpated, biopsied and diagnosed in March. Port implanted. Six months of chemo. Very difficult. But so much support: meal train, GoFundMe, fund raisers, donations galore (such an adored family). She was brave and soldiered on thru weekly chemo. 
  2. Now, surgery today and home tonight. Chemo killed the cancer. And now Erika will get a gorgeous new rack that won’t try to kill her! ๐Ÿ’—
  3. This page in her history book is coming to a close and positive outcome. God is great!

Just a Tuesday

My head…. The weather moved from rain to sun and now to overcast and major wind.

My back… Woke with it in a horrible state. Yoga this AM was excruciating.

Took Nick to an eye doc appt, picked up dry cleaning, bought some gifts at B&BW.

Home. Jammies. Movie on low. Ice crown, heater and medicines.

Will try and rise later. Make dinner and do laundry. Maybe even the post office๐Ÿ‘

I took a pic cuz I felt cute going out this AM. Sure, I was miserable, but I looked cute.

It is better to look good than feel good๐Ÿ˜Š