I woke with Pathologic Lethargy. Kept setting the timer for 15 min to help kids and ask Marc to check on them. He reluctantly helps. And apparently doesn’t even check them as they leave. They are teens and should be able to do this by themselves.

Able to crawl out of bed and shower at 9. Pathologic Lethargy is stupid.

Botox w Mariah NP @11:30. Decent appt but Botox is really triggering my head today. Or allergies. Or hormones. I asked for a ton in my forehead.

Back home. Make crockpot dinner. Back out for Megan NP appt.

Then Trader Joe’s for food. Back home. Kids home. Robyn’s hair is full of grease and dandruff. She went to school like that. I’m wigging out cuz she’s 13 and doesn’t know how to wash her hair. Nick is arguing with me becuz he wants to protect his sister. It’s a cluster mess. And my head gets worse.

Music lessons for Nick and Robyn. I have to run to the USPO for biz. Driving in the dark is even worse for my head.

Home. I hug Robyn. Finish dinner. Can’t eat it…Migraine is too damn bad – about an 8. Will need cocktail. Shipt groceries are coming in an hour. And Marc is home now. They all are eating dinner. I’m in bed. Marc asked if he could bring me anything. I asked for a coke. He forgot. I’ll go get it myself.

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