There is a possibility the Candasartan I’m on for migraine prevention is causing the cough. I started taking it 5/2015. The chronic cough started​ 10 or 11/2015. I do not think Candasartan does shit for my prevention of migraines but Neuros love love their migraineurs on plenty of preventatives. Mariah was a bit cross today, saying: “Why didn’t pulmo think of taking you off Candasartan before?” …And I’m thinking: Mariah prescribes it; why didn’t she think of taking me off it before?? Anyway, Mariah also wants to have a regular appt where we take stock of meds, treatments, etc. So I scheduled that for later this month. And she wants me to start getting vitamin B shots monthly at the office for my MTHFR+ gene thing. There was some confusion about my Tizanidine as well…After 7 years of 4-8mg qd, she wants me on 4mg qd only. Whatever. That’s like the least of my problems. 

I felt scolded. But I know I was not, and it’s just me obsessing. I’m disturbed by the realization that this may be as good as it gets: my mood, my migraine, my cough, my pain, my life. This is not how it was supposed to be.

My head is hot. Needs ice. Rest. Hoping the occipital nerve blocks do not trigger more migraine. The weather has been brutal.

My prayers go out to all those hurting, struggling, working hard to get better.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

P.S. And those who want to give me shit, can fuck themselves. Have a nice day😊

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