Friends. Best friends. I wonder who needs them. I post too much of my pain on Facebook, I guess. I woke up with blinding 9 migraine at 07:30. Just blinding. Every movement spiked me to a 10…But I had to move…Had to get ice…Had to take migraine medicine. Stayed there still for an hour and a half. Gripping Marc’s shoulder every once in awhile.

Eventually I was down to a 7-8. Insanity. I was able to do some work on FB and catch up with my friends’ lives. I didn’t want to mention the migraine…So I found a poignant picture. I do love migraine art. I think everyone is aware of that. Art is a way to create and process pain. 

So I posted only this:


I’m “doing it wrong” according to Erika. And she would know, she survived breast cancer! A whole year of her life was breast cancer. She would know.

Thanks for the support. I’ll just shut up about my pain. And here are some more images:

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