What the fuck has my life become?

Terrible weather here. Migraine weather.

Starting Integrated EMDR Therapy for Chronic Migraine and chronic pain.

I like the therapist. Shanna.

She and I clicked. She swears and appreciates my sarcasm. So, we’re like BFs.

She believes in the concrete data of the correlation between not having childhood subconscious needs met and developing chronic pain. We’ll work on interrupting the migraine cycle before it gets out of control.

I felt at ease with her…no problems revealing myself. I’m anxious to get started.

Came home. Migraine ramping. Cefaly put me to sleep. Now my head’s at a 7. Meds. Ice please.

Dinner in the crockpot. Gotta get Robyn to tennis at 5. My lashes are on point, despite therapy tears, so I obviously have my shit in a row.

Yesterday was an absolute fucker. Just a ridiculous fucker fucker:

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