Starting with a bang. It’s June 2 and I woke with yet another migraine. This weather. Crap. Appointments all day. Shower. Covfefe. Makeup. Smile. Just one foot goes in front of the other.

Be aware. Migraine is very real. It is relentless when chronic. It steals everything: time, ability, fulfillment, your future, happiness and more time. Half-Life. We are Half-Life, just shells of people, trying to operate in a world we no longer fit in. While Migraine steals, it gives so much, even more than it takes: regret, guilt, despair, shame. It’s hard to think of facing this kind of existence for the rest of my Half-Life days….just existing as a burden to those I love.

The picture in the middle is a favorite of mine. Becuz it’s a FAKE. A total fraud, a counterfeit. I am pretending. I was migraining off the charts when it was taken but by sheer will I would not miss this event for my husband and for myself. The smile is real in that it is heartfelt, but the migraine “medication” is only helping a small amount. I am in terrible head pain; I am nauseous; any movement and light makes everything throb. 

I am the best patient to my many doctors, follow a healthy lifestyle and am medication compliant, and still the world is like a constant attack on my neurological system. 

But I cannot let Migraine win and I will not stop fighting for a Life. Faith, Hope, Peace & #MyBeautifulMigraine #MAM2017

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