Oh my…my Botox is run off. Today was pretty but turned sour…a system came in. I woke with a low migraine…and I tried to ignore it, use my therapies instead of medicine. Cefaly, 3 rounds. 

I puttered. I wandered. Trying to get stuff done. Distracted by pain, trying to get things accomplished. Getting nowhere. By 14:00 I couldn’t ignore anymore. Time for the triptan. Damn. Couldn’t fake my way through anymore. Able to shower, dress, more puttering. Helping my daughter pack for her trip. Interacting with my kids. Laundry. Amazon deliveries and returns (Amazon FTW since going to stores has become too huge a task).

I can see on Facebook so many friends are accomplishing wonderful things! I wonder if that will ever be me again? Maybe I will just continue my Half-Life.

One last nappie with my girl before her trip…

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