It’s always exciting to do something “normal” and fun. It takes planning and determination and tempering to pull it off but there are some definite experiences WORTH it. My daughter will be traveling in a few days and I’m anxious to spend some time with her. So we went out this afternoon for an hour.

One thing I can never control is the weather. A tremendous number of migraineurs are triggered by it’s fluctuations. So much so, that my neuro has a barometer right next to the phone. The reading can tell them when the migraine patients will be calling for help.

Personally, my neurological system is so incredibly sensitive…I am horribly triggered by barometric changes, wind, sun, rain, humidity, allergens, etc. It’s just no fun. And until some genius post millennial creates an EnviroBubble (72°, 12% humidity) to encase us in, my weather migraines are going no where fast. 

As Robyn and I were sitting enjoying our pedis, my head began to swell.😢 Hooray. A reminder and reprimand from my dark passenger that my head is not solely my own to live in.

I ignored it…tried to. Chronic Migraineurs spend hours and days TRYING to ignore pain. What else can we do? *Smash our heads through windows? *Slam a brick at our face? *Step in front of a bus? *Lie down immediately in the fetal position and wait for someone to do something? *Stop breathing immediately? *Take a *gasp* pill (that may or may not work, that has a stigma, that depletes us of our itty bitty baby-size monthly supply) …or…*Maybe we can just IGNORE and pretend it isn’t happening. That swell behind my eyes in the brain pan is just nothing. It’s nothing.

Exactly FIVE MINUTES later, a Texas thunder and lightening storm moved in. It was truly dramatic; big downpour, lights flickered, strikes close, etc.

I owe my head an apology. I never trust it with the weather. Never. Because everyone thinks I’m weird and crazy and it’s embarrassing. So I keep my phoney baloney​ predictions to my own self.

Just ignore the pain. Because your docs and society is telling you, living life without being in pain every freaking day ain’t for you. So suck it up, buttercup and ignore it. Where’s that smile?




Don’t want a pill, want a cure.

Not seeking meds, seeking relief.
Somewhere along the line, chronic pain peeps just got swept under the acceptable societal rug. Pretty sure back in the day, they just all ended themselves to end the suffering. Isn’t that a pleasant thought?

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