Today’s exciting episode…

Yesterday’s exciting episode…

My Botox is helping. Summer is a BAD season for Migraine. So much heat (100’s everyday) and with heat comes the constant change from AC to HOT and back again. My head…my head. Yesterday was not a happy head day but I was able to keep it tolerable pain levels. Today, I’ve already had to triptan and it still hurts like a mother. I have big plans to make and freeze breakfast burritos with my Nick. It’s 16:50 and I’m stuck in bed. Maybe we can cook together in another 30 min… Maybe I’ll be stronger and in less pain then?

To my brothers and sisters fighting the warrior life everyday, I send strength and love. To my true friends who don’t necessarily understand it all, but support me, I send love and gratitude. To those who think less of me or judge me and my life based on their ignorance, I say fuck off.

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