I’ve had 2 practitioners mention to me lately: “This is just a bad phase you’re going through. These migraines will not be like this forever.” (Mariah, Neuro PA, Shanna, LPC)
And just cuz I am the obsessive chica I am, these remarks have unleashed overthinking in my pea ow brain.
It took me years to comprehend the concept of “chronic” meaning, it cannot be cured but managed. Every bleeding day I try to muster my way around the amount of fight, acceptance, or whatever to make room for this dark passenger Chronic Migraine. Everyday I work on the Hope factor.
But never had I been told: “this is just a bad phase.”
I feel like such an idiot. Didn’t I realize in the last decade of living hell that this was “just a spell” and it wouldn’t be like this “forever.”
Well…what the fuckity fuck?
When does it end? Tuesday? Next year? In 5 years? In another 10? 
I am such a rockstar patient. Always willing to work with my practitioners, try my hardest to comply and succeed in their ideas and efforts. I keep on top of the data. I’ve switched my diet to a dozen different things – drank the magic juice. I even have a churchload of people praying my migraines away.
I thought I was “handling with Grace.” I thought I was “managing with faith and hope.”
Turns out… Well I don’t even know.

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