It’s real. The only other time in my life that was exhausting to shower was pregnancy first trimester. I’d get out of the shower and have to lie down in my towel. Just needed a nap. It wouldn’t happen everyday. Just occasionally and in the first trimester. I never beat myself up about it. It had a beginning, middle and end.

This chronic crap leaves it all behind. Showers are exhausting. Draining. Necessary. I used to be able to get ready in about an hour. But now….I’m noticing it’s taking longer…longer. Preparing for the act of showering. Going through the motions. Drying off. Rest. Dress. Do makeup. Rest. Blow-dry hair. Style hair. Rest. Rest more. What am I supposed to be doing? Is there more on today’s agenda? *So tired*

After an hour rest, I’m usually good to go. 

Go out in the world with sunglasses and a smile. Smile. Act naturally.

I showered today. I rule!

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