Halloween has become an important affair for Marc and me. We have a wonderful and fun adult neighborhood party every year and I adore planning couples costumes for us. I spend all year with a plan. The emotional and physical prep is huge the week of. I don’t want my head getting in the way…it’s too important an event for us. It means lots of rest the days leading up to… low stress and lots of rest. 

I actually had a difficult, low level migraine the days before the party and the night of. *Sigh* When we got to the party, I thought I might have to send Marc back home for a triptan for me. But I was able to push the pain out and fill up on prosecco (that lovely drink that doesn’t give me migraines). 

We had a wonderful, wonderful time. We have such cool neighbors and are so grateful to be included in such fun – despite the fact we are old crones compared to 99% of them!!😂 Our kids help with babysitting their littles!

We danced, we drank, we mingled and had great conversations with neighbors new and old. Laughter, smiles, dancing, and costume…so fun.❤️ Makes me feel like a real person!😄 Of course I’m 30lbs overweight but heck. I love spending time at a costume party! Dressing up in costume makes dreams come true!

We didn’t stay really late. I think we were home and I was in bed by 12-12:30. Happy. Maxalt required. The next day, was lost to recovering. In this Chronic life, there is no pleasure without “payment.”

Our fun:

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