3 am is an interesting time on a migraine night. I rarely have insomnia so it’s not an hour I “see” frequently. It’s a quiet time in our house but my head and body are a raging storm. Ridiculous Texas winter allergies are at their highest (stupid cedar and elm – action: counter pollen by pouring eye drops in each affected eye) and – hooray – there’s something whacky happening with the barometer now – I can feel it slamdancing aggressively in my right temple – so it’s a priority I visit the freezer for a new ice pack crown. The one strapped to my head now has gone all warm. Lol. My heart’s beating out of my chest with anxious questions: Will I be able to sleep? Will I need to take medicine to control this migraine (I get 9 dissolvable pills a month plus 6 rather painful subconscious needless shots)? Will medicine even help if I do choose to take it? And wth is my Sacroiliac flaring?

Plan of action: trip to freezer, readjust heating pad for my SI, get comfortable again with my myriad of pillows, ruffle my darling husband’s hair and give him a kiss as he sleeps peacefully. And then…lie very still and try to breathe through the pain so I can fall back asleep.
Sleeping offers the oh, so heavenly temporary reprieve from pain.πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’œ
Have a beautiful weekend friends! Enjoy every moment you can!

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