The Faux Opiate Crisis

Congratulations Faux Opiate Epidemic, for driving human beings afflicted with Chronic Pain to suicide over facing a hopeless life of endless agony.
Addiction is not Chronic Pain. And dependance is not the same thing as addiction. I’m happy to explain to anyone with questions. It’s hard enough struggling with pain, add to it social shaming and widespread, media-driven ignorance. šŸ˜• This War on Opiates (now extending to other med classes having nothing to do with opiates) does NOTHING to address and help those souls afflicted with Addiction which is a horrible disease worthy of treatment and care.
And lastly, legislating what doctors can and cannot do is obscene. The government has NO place in my relationship with my medical experts. Get out, government! Do the jobs you should: strengthen our military, care for our vets, keep us safe from terror attacks, aid our people caught in the wake of natural disasters! And for the love of everything holy, STAY OUT OF MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY DOCTOR; it’s none of your biz!
This topic does not affect all people …but someday, it just might. As the list of regulations grow and expand to other drug classes …or your family members are sent home from surgery with inappropriate and improper paintreatment, suddenly this will become a priority for people who never thought it would. Will it be too late to reverse at that time?
#patientsnotaddicts #ChronicIllness #invisibleillness

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