Like a dream come true! The first ever migraine specific retreat and conference.

My husband came with me as support people were invited as well. The Embassy Suites was gorgeous and the food too amazing (cake at every meal. Ugh! My diet! Lol)

~250 Chronic Migraineurs … all together for support, education, fellowship. I can’t say enough about the organizers… every detail was perfect.

When we met for presentations, we waved out hands instead of clapping… clapping noise can be a migraine trigger. Ow. And there was so much to clap about.:)

The most exciting part for me was meeting real life heroes: bloggers and advocates I’ve admired from afar. I was fangirling.

It was pretty amazing. Everyone there *got it.* If you couldn’t get to an event because of your disease, they took care of you: delivering meals to your room, encouraging rest. Swag bags filled with amazing gifts, giveaways, representatives from companies like Gammacore, Cefaly, Ajovy, Emgality, etc.

There were information sessions, sharing and support groups. As well as complimentary chair massage and a Salt Cave experience:

At night, they slipped a note under our hotel room door:

The most affirming experience I’ve ever had! We discussed stigma, stories and advocacy…

So very happy to be a part of #RetreatMigraine and I pray they’re able to do this yearly. It was everything we need.

I did get a migraine my first night but it felt really *okay* to do so. 🙂

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