The storms are rolling. Encased in ice. All therapies and medicines are failing. This is an #8; the storms are raging in my head.
djk #MyBeautifulMigraine
#MigraineAwareness #speakyourmigraine #ChronicIllness #invisibleillness

The next day:

I’m awake this morning and feeling better. I think a shower and actual clothing will be in the agenda.
What’s so bizarre is I barely remember yesterday… I was responding to messages, saw my kids and husband as they came and went, even folded some laundry, did some biz and watched tv… but it’s like it all happened to someone else. I barely have memory of it… truly a day just thrown away.
Shocking. These experiences SHOCK me. Still. Even after all these years (over a decade of chronic migraine)… it is shocking how sick I can get …and still live.

It tries to kill me, but it has never succeeded.
Pain ends, Love is eternal.

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