Some have noticed my piercings💎 It’s been Donna’s own therapeutic attempt to make my invisible illness visible… #ChronicMigraine …I placed a piercing for every year I’ve been Chronic … there’s 11 in there and since I’m running out of room with no cure in sight, I may just stop there. Lol😁 It’s been an interesting conversation starter. Some people ask: “Wow, didn’t all those piercings hurt?” And I just giggle… and think about my ~18 multiday migraines a month x11 years (not to mention my 4 drug-free child births – which, surprisingly people relate to easier 🤷‍♀️)
I do love my bling… and it’s always been my belief that if you’re going to migraine chronically, it might as well be beautiful. 💜❤💜

djk #MyBeautifulMigraine
#MigraineAwareness #MAM2019 #MHAM #sowingtheseeds #speakyourmigraine #migraineart #invisibleillness

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