Botox Day!

So ready for a fill up today… it’s been a pretty rough summer for my fried brain. I don’t know why… the heat? The storms? I’ve been worse than usual. One greeeeeat thing is my neuro Mariah has altered my diagnoses so I can get more botox. This has been a godsend. My jaw gets so tight with Chronic Migraine that it feels like a slab of cement by botox time. Either it will break and explode or stay strong like steel. The extra Botox really softens the muscles. It’s actually noticable looking at my face.

My neuro practice is very good. They really work with me… they are always there for emergencies; I can usually get seen the same day, and they work with me when I’m ready to explore a new treatment.

However, sometimes the practice can be lacking in common sense.

Mariah has said some doozies but the very worst is the nurse. Sometimes she’s saccharine sweet, asking about “the family” and providing updates on her own family. Most of the time, however, she is downright unpleasant. I will say that Nurse Mary is an amazing stick for medications. But you never know which face she will show… it’s like a surprise party, but much less fun.

Today’s conversation went as follows:
Nurse Mary: “How long did your botox last this time?”
Me: “Only 8 weeks tops, so not so good.”
Nurse Mary: “It’s better than 4 weeks.”
Me: “This is true.” 🙄 (translation: no shit, Sherlock)

For real: #thingsNOTtosaytoaChronicMigraingeur



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