Huge news. Huge. Chronic Migraine did not used to be a qualifying diagnosis.

Speaking of disability, I had my hearing in May, 4 months ago. Was approved with back pay to 2015 in June, 3 months ago . Was approved to back pay to 2013 in July, 2 months ago. Waiting to see what August brings. Wait. August is done. Waiting to see what September brings.

Our credit cards are maxed and we need a new car. 2 in college with loans, 2 more going to college in the next 2 years. One getting married in January – sure, we’ll pay for the honeymoon! Lol. It’s so absurd it’s comical. Look how funny we are!! Ha ha ha! Alanis Morissette ironic. I’m afraid our financial situation may cause my husband a heart attack. It surely may cause me to perish from guilt. Either way, we are worth more dead than alive. This was not our life 15 years ago.

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