Christmas Eve.

One of my most favorite days of the year.

The story of a tiny baby’s birth. A tiny baby that would change the whole world.

We’ve always made the day about family. And I so look forward to attending candlelight church service when we can hear and praise the story of Jesus’ birth – that wonderful, amazing and oh-so-well-known story.

For unto us a child is born,

unto us a son is given:

And the government shall be upon His shoulder:

And His name shall be called

Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father,

The prince of PEACE.

When the kids were little, we would drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights after church and I’d read them The Night Before Christmas. As they’ve grown up, our Christmas Eve has grown up, but still the holiday remains so very special.

There is a peace I feel when we sing Silent Night by candlelight as a congregation…

It speaks to my soul.

As my migraines became chronic, church was something that started to slip away for me. God has always been a very important part of my life and my husband and I have always found great comfort in a church family. We were regular attendees, first in our Presbyterian church and then in our Methodist church in Arizona. Our children were all baptized and we strived to raise them with a christian foundation of love.

But Chronic Migraine happened. And I found committing to even just one hour each Sunday overwhelming. I couldn’t do it. We continue to be very spiritual people, just not very successful with religion. 😦

And so… Christmas Eve has become that ONE day, that most important ONE day for me to make it to congregation. No matter what.

This year my parents are not visiting for the holidays as Ken & Courtney’s wedding is Jan 4 and everyone is coming for that! So it’s just our small family. Nick is working, Courtney works tonight.

I woke with a mild migraine and a master plan of 2 pm Christmas Eve service at Lake Hills Church. I took my medicine and stayed in bed… waiting for my triptan to work.

It didn’t. Some migraines just do not respond to the triptan. And remember, I only get 9 triptans a month… so, when they fail, it’s as if I’ve just thrown one whole important dose in the toilet. Gone. And a FAIL. Damn, it’s upsetting.

The migraine continued to worsen. And my Cefaly failed as well. On to different meds. And a shower. I’ve GOT to get ready.

We were running on Migraine Time, which isn’t very convenient and reminds one of a frustration dream where you’re trying desperately to get somewhere and you keep finding yourself battling obstacles.

We made it to church. Just a bit later than we wanted. And it was a lovely service as always. And we sang Christmas carols and Christmas hymns. And I had to leave in the middle to take yet ANOTHER pill for my head. It was exploding. And I was smiling. And singing. And enjoying the community of congregation at Christmastime. My heart is full, and my cares are fleeting, and my family is near, and I am complete of Grace and Love. And it’s the ONE day I’m at church. And my head is exploding.

When we got home, we had appetizers and Robyn suggested Star Wars (since we have tickets as a fam to see Star Wars tomorrow – Christmas Day.

I’m close by (in the dark bedroom) with my beautiful migraine. If I have to migraine, there’s no one else I’d rather be with. These amazing people always gift me unconditionally love, support and care. Christmas gifts beyond any treasure.

My most favorite day of the year… the story of the birth of a tiny baby and a woman who became a Mother.

Chronic Migraine takes no holidays. No lunch breaks, no vacations, no weekends. I can rely on it more than anything in my life.

Merry Christmas, Christmas People!

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